Filmkritik - Weltverbesserer auf dem Schlachtfeld (2006)

Weltverbesserer auf dem Schlachtfeld

Original: C.O.B. Civilians On the Battlefield
Regie: Teresina Moscatiello
Darsteller: ?????
Laufzeit: 86min
FSK: ohne Altersbeschränkung
Genre: Dokumentation (Deutschland)
Verleih: Sinafilm
Filmstart: 25. Januar 2007
Bewertung: n/a (0 Kommentare, 0 Votes)
„C.O.B“ tells the story of four Germans – two men and two women – who are all around 30 and work as „war extras“ for the U.S. Army at a combat training center in the Bavarian forest. For a few weeks, they play-act at being Arabian terrorists and simulate worst-case scenarios, on German territory. What reasons and motivations did the four protagonists have for their decision to work for the U.S. Army? How did it change their lives? Can you be for peace and yet work for war? These discrepancies between thoughts and actions form an essential part of the film.


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