„Känguru unterbricht in Queensland, Australia ein Golfspiel und ist mit der Fahne am Golfloch nicht einverstanden“

Video auf Rumble: <link>
Originaltitel: „Kangaroo Interrupts Game of Golf“
Beschreibung des Nutzers: „I was doing a practice at the Noosa Golf Club. I hit the tee shot onto the 5th hole, ball in the background,proceeded to the hole when a kangaroo hopped onto the green and up to the pin. What was I to do? I stopped took out my phone and took a few photos but then realized the Kangaroo had something special in store. I turned on the video and filmed in amusement as the kangaroo put on his performance. Eventually when the ‘roo saw me he looked decidedly embarrassed and hopped away. I suspect it’s mating season and he was practicing his moves.“


(7) Huckleberry · 03. Oktober 2018
...irgendwie stort die mich...
(6) nadine2113 · 01. Mai 2018
(5) k29391 · 01. Mai 2018
Round One ... Fight xD
(4) dicker36 · 13. April 2018
Hi, Hi lustig.
(3) mdejm · 05. April 2018
Golg scheint tot langweilig zu sein.
(2) babbel33 · 05. April 2018
passt ihm nicht
(1) taurus77 · 04. April 2018
Coole Videos, Kängurus Charme