(4) matabu · 05. Februar 2006
Very nice photo. What do you study exactly? Bachelor? Diploma? Or for lectureship? I think it is very hard to study math and comp. science at the same time :) Have a nice day. Cya
oh yes it IS :P or should I say it WAS ;) I've quit math ;)
(3) BonSaiBilly · 22. Oktober 2005
Wollte mal schn ll ne gruß da lassen! ;;;;;;;;))))))))))))))!
(2) Alex1981m · 31. Januar 2005
Dien dobre. Troche mowie po polsku ! ;) Greetings from dresden! Do you speek german? your pic are very nice and sexy. ;) see you! cześć
I used to learn german - but I know hardly nothing ;) greeting from Gdansk
(1) luisbest · 27. November 2004
Hey ;-) Cool that you are from Poland, I didn't know that we have user from other countries except from Austria and Switzerland. I like your pictures, greetings from Berlin Ciao Luis
most of my friends are here ;) and they're all from Poland :P greetings from Gedanensis :)