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27 Juni 2007
· 4-stufiges Ref-System (5%, 10%, 15%, 30%)
· 3 Besuchersammelformate - Surfen, Mailen, eigene Homepage
· 2 Webseiten frei eintragbar!
· 1 Toolbar für IE und Firefox vorhanden
· Umfangreiche Statistiken

3 Advertising Formats - 3 Ways to Earn Credits

1. IB BarAds allow members to exchange ads that appear in the InstantBuzzTM bar as they surf.
Every time you surf to a new web page you earn BarAd Credits. As you earn more, your ad will begin appearing on the Instant Buzz Bar of other members.
2. IB HyperSpace Ads allow webmasters to exchange ads that appear as unobtrusive closeable pop ups in the upper right corner of their web pages.
All you have to do is turn MailSpace Ads on, and then every time you send an email as you normally would, you'll be earning MailSpace Ad credits.
3. IB MailSpace AdsTM are a patent-pending technology which allow webmasters to exchange the space at the bottom of their personal emails with other webmasters.
All you have to do is place the HyperSpace Ad code on any (or all) of your web pages and you will earn HyperSpace Ad Credits every time someone visits one of your pages.

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