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19 April 2008
About is an incentive system based advertising to our community, where members will receive in U.S. to click on links, register on sites of advertisers, display banners and join the affiliate program of the host.
See how much you can earn!

- Ads by Click (PTC), you earn up to $0.06 per click and $0.005 per click of your referrals;
- Ads by Signup (PTS), you earn $0.1 per record and $0.05 for each registration made by your referrals;
- Display Banners (PTP), you earn up to $0.5 per 1.000 views + $0.07 per 1.000 views of referrals;
- Single Queue System;
- U.S. dollars worth Auctions;
- Earn on the second level of the nomination and registration of new users.