What is the WMS?

The WMS is a system, especially created and designed for the professional marketing of advertising space on klamm.de. Place your advertisements at attractive prices* and distribute them on the various sub-sections and visitor grooups of klamm.de. You'll get detailed statictics and an excellent customer service. Have a look at our media data and start your campaign today.


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CPM prices   (= per 1000 impressions)

Banner 728x90€ 1,50
Banner 300x250€ 0,60
Sky 160x600€ 0,70
TandemAD€ 2,50
ForumAD€ 0,30
ForumKING€ 0,50
Popups€ 2,50
PagePeel€ 0,50
Textlinks€ 0,10
Newsletter€ 2,30
MailAD€ 3,00
LoginAD€ 2,00
HelloAD€ 0,60
NewsAD€ 0,15

CPC prices   (= per click)

Banner 728x90€ 0,25
Powerlinks€ 0,010
Questionlinks€ 0,015
Actionlinks€ 0,012


WindowAD (24h)€ 119,00
WindowAD (48h)€ 179,00
WindowAD (72h)€ 229,00


You can order your WMS-Campaigns by invoice or load your WMS-Credit in advance and pay with the prepaid credit to start your campaign immediately. In any case you have the option to use our LIVE- Payment-System for immediate activation of your campaign. We give you up to 20% on top of your prepaid deposits.





We offer targeting for your ADs as shown above. Moreover you can choose an arbitrary degradation rate per timeslot or show your ADs to new users only.