Eintrag #37, 18.12.2006, 22:58 Uhr

Kann mir das bitte tätowiert werden? Emptiness comes n goes.

One more step and I could fall away.
If it happened would it matter?
I can´t tell if I should go or stay.
Same old picture
Feels so hollow.

How can anybodyknow what´s best for me?
Another page I turn in shame.
My decision brought me to my knees.
I needed someone to blame.
I feel so hollow.

Time to do whats best for me, I belive I can change.
Once upon a time in broken dreams...
Reflections that I can`t face.
So hold your breath and make a wish for me.
Take me to a better place.
Time always seems to be passing by...
it never waits for me.
if I could do it all one more time,
I wouldnt change a thing.

Hollow  -  Godsmack
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