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Eintrag #20, 21.08.2005, 16:17 Uhr

i remember (pt 2/2)

i remember
how much i missed you when you were not close
realizing how much i miss you now

we have only hoped
and not believed
only dreamed
and not worked
i know there is love inside of you
i know i did all i could by giving all my love
and that will give me strength while i am so low
i will find me again in the future
and put back together what you so easily tore apart
and when the pain has passed and the memories remain
i am sure i can smile again when i hear your name or see you around
and i will remember the part of my life you shared
and how i dreamed forever what you made never
one day you will see and understand what you have lost
to have someone truly love you is something so few ever have
one day when you look into the mirror you will see me standing behind you
hands wrapped around with my head on your shoulder
you will hear me say 'i love you' like i have done so many times in the past
your heart will race and you will feel the love
that you can no longer share with me
when you turn to hold me you will see
it was only a memory of what could have been

i remember
and i want you to always remember
just one thing i will never forget
i love you
never forget that
i will not
i will remember


and although it's been quite some time since i wrote this  - believe me, i still and will always remember...

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