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Eintrag #19, 21.08.2005, 16:15 Uhr

i remember (pt 1/2)

i remember
when you looked in to my eyes and said 'i love you'
it came from your heart and all the emotions was seen in your eyes
there was no resentment
your eyes were no where else in the world, they were with me
they said 'i love you'
and that was everything

i remember
getting cards for no reason
they said 'i love you and i miss you'
they brought me up and never did you leave my mind
each time i read one i was reminded
of how much i truly needed you and loved you

i remember
how you understood my past und asked about my problems
you often did not understand the complexity of them
but you understood the look in my eyes
you could make me forget all the troubles and all the pain
with just a touch i could melt
with just a touch i could cry
you will never understand the power your love had over me
i remember these things when i think of you
i will always remember

i remember
the things you would do that made me smile
maybe a dance in candlelight
or maybe soft kisses in the dark
i was so full of pride when you stood with me
i was so devoted to our love and
i will remember the first time i thought no could ever replace you
i will remember my love
i will remember you

i remember
how easy it was just to make you smile
and it somehow hurt when i could not

i remember
someone i thought that really loved me
for no only reason but for the love we shared
for love is truly felt from within
love is in the heart
it exists on no table or cannot be found on any wall
it is no document
love is your heart failed only in death

i remember
someone saying 'i love you' and realizing
how much that hurts now

i remember
loving you and promising to myself that i would never lie to you
i would believe in you and trust in you
i would tell you anything
trust you with all
but that honesty has been used, torn and betrayed
i wish i could forget
but i remember

i remember
when i first saw you
the first time i said goodnight and now i remember the last
the first time we slept together
and the first time we made love

i remember
the first time i looked into your eyes
realizing i would never forget them

i remember
the first time i felt inside of myself that someone, somewhere loved me
wherever you were at that moment i knew you loved me
i could feel my love for you at all times and
sometimes i could feel you thinking about me
i remember that day because it was the first time i ever felt that emotion
so it must have been the first day i really felt love

i remember
the first fight and first makeup
the first pain and the first smile
the first 'see you later' knowing it was never 'goodbye'

i remember
the first day you cried because you were sad
and all i wanted to do was hold you and make everything allright
the first time i made you cry because you were happy
you could see the comfort behind the tears
love has many faces and i will remember

i remember
when i knew that i loved you more than anything else in the world
i knew then i had so much to learn but i could not wait for each we had together
because i was learning about love with the one i loved the most

i remember
waking up in the night just so i could watch you sleep

i remember
when my heart broke and wondering how i could ever find all the pieces

i remember
wanting only you
then and now and forever
the hard trails and the lessons learned but the love did grow

i remember
what true love is
true love is truth love
it is love that holds honesty first
and with honesty all is possible
without it all love will fail
i have wanted nothing but true love from you

i remember
seeing other love fail
and knowing i never wanted us to fail
i will make it work and our love will grow

i remember
the day i looked at you and thought i would look at you for the rest of my life
the way i felt when i saw your face told me that i would never turn around
never leave you
always love you

i remember
you not seeing me watch you and whispering 'i love you' while you slept

i remember
how good i felt when i could make you feel safe
when i could hold you close and share my love
i would protect you with all my heart and all my will

i remember
i believe, everytime i held you close

i remember
so much
that i am reminded of the one thing
i feel i can never forget
the one thing
that i feel i will never be able to place away in my mind
the one thing
i feel i may not be able to do without
despite all the trails and lessons we still need to learn
i can never forget you or how much i loved you
my heart will never pass it away

i will always remember
i will love you for each new day of my life
for love does not go away
love my fade
but there will always be love
i will remember you and i will remember us
and when the tears stop falling
and loneliness stops calling
i will look back and
i will remember

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