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Eintrag #170, 24.05.2005, 14:53 Uhr

did you notice your mistake?

in a way I’m glad you hate yourself,
loving me leaving me, loving me leaving me on my own.
I’m coping perfectly well you know,
If a little dazed and a little broken.

Coz I know it’s not love that drives us now,
No it’s the fact that it’ll never work,
So you will always be that beautiful missing thing,
Lost in the darkest corner
Where my darkest secrets lurk.

It’s just a push and I’m a spark again,
Grazing my knees on your god damn bedroom floor.
Not a year and I’ll be in love with you again,
Will I never learn, guess not.
And did I yell coz my ears are ringing
And all I remember when I awoke was that my eyes were stinging

And there was a blurry image of you.
maybe it was the back of you it’s so hard to keep track of you.
I am made stronger by you at the same time as being wasted by you
And a little piece of me is destroyed by you every time but a little piece of you is blown away line by line.

ich kann nicht anders.

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