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Eintrag #15, 19.05.2005, 12:42 Uhr

cents or non cents?

welcome to another episode of "fuck you, you fucking fuck" a.k.a. "murphy loves you". today we'll learn about the current situation of our protagonist and maybe we'll have a little laugh.

given situation: our protagonist is a little wack because of problems in the past. especially the last year fucked him really bad. split up with his girlfriend after 3,5 years for no real reason, yet lived together with her for half a year and fell back in love with her. but - as you might have guessed - she didn't want to return. she pretended to be able to stay friends forfuckin'ever but as soon as she moved out she turned into a real bitch. our protagonist was down on the world with no more courage to go on with anything. not too long ago he deceided to get help - professional help - to get rid of the monsters in his head. and he was kinda happy with it.

but all of a sudden a most beautiful and charming woman appears and turns our protagonist's head in directions he never thought he was able to. but apparently she is even shyer than he is and it's up to him to make the real important steps. what he actually did. thought about her for a while, balanced the pros and cons, came to a decision and tried to make contact with her.

and now comes the funny part: she does not answer and our protagonist does not know what the hell this means. is she really too shy? doesn't she know what to do and think because she's got a kid? is she no longer interested? did he annoy her? did he do the right things or did he fuck up everything _again_?

you see, murphy loves you and fucks you from behind right in these moments where you expect it the least.

stay unspoiled and
tune in for another episode of "fuck you, you fucking fuck"
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