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Allow Front End Publishing in a WordPress Website Using Plug

All of us know that WordPress is a nice platform to publish or manage a website, blog or professional portfolio etc. However, Everything gets done from the backend of your blog powered by WordPress. This is the end of the story. If you want to. Take it for granted that there are some other things that can be done from the backend like uploading media, changing themes, making new categories and writing new posts. To do so, you have to go to the administration panel of WordPress and make small changes in its features. These small changes will need your attention. However you can edit this as well as publish your website.


Useful frontend plugins to publish on your WordPress website

1) Front End Upload
If you are using this front end plugin, then you need to go back to the top of the page. You want to add a simple coding language and the final form will appear from the same spot. Whenever any visitor uploads any item then you will get intimated by email. However, this plugin needs to be safe and secure against malicious uploads.


2) Front End Login Form
As the name indicates this WordPress plugin helps in addition of a login form to the front end of your website or blog. This plugin has been tested. You and your website members would not need to login again again and again to the administration panel of WordPress. You can easily publish new content or do other thing through a shortcode.


3) WP-Front End Repository Manager
This plugin powered by WordPress allows the members of your website or blog to upload files and make new directories. It involves AJAX based validity, customizable dialog or messages, progress upload bars and much more. You can also restrict the size of uploading files with the help of this plugin. Your website's members can add detailed info to their uploaded files. Here you can also do not have any of the meta input fields of your uploaded files.


4) Front End Editor
If you need to go to the dashboard of WordPress themes for quick edits then this plugin is for you. You can use front-end editor and do quick edits to your content that is in the form of posts, widgets and comments. This plugin will help you in editing the content of your website or blog from its front end. It makes use of the same permission. Previously you need to login to the admin panel of your site. It was a good thing.


5) Feedback Widget
This plugin has also been powered by WordPress. This is a widget with which you can quickly send a message from the sidebar of your blog. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. When you use this widget then you will get intimate.


Conclusion: - Now you can get it here. For this reason WordPress has been using the latest publishing tools that will help you to edit content quickly.

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