Washing machine CLEANfleX-ex

Washing machine type CLEANfleX-ex
Monzingen, 08.04.2021 (PresseBox) - With the washing machine type CLEANfleX-ex, the company RENZMANN from Monzingen presents its successor model of the washing machine type 100 from the series of systems to be loaded from above. In times of declining run-time and more frequent job changes, the efficient cleaning of ink-carrying printing unit components is becoming increasingly important

The CLEANfleX-ex washing machine cleans ink trays, doctor blades, buckets and other printing press parts with solvents.

Particularly thorough and gentle cleaning

A short spray distance in combination with a high spray pressure ensures the good cleaning result. The process is supported by oscillating rotational movements of the spray pipes. The CLEANfleX is loaded at a comfortable height from above. Like its predecessor, the model is robust, easy to maintain and meets all safety requirements for solvent washing machines.

The usable height of the system is 400 mm, the width 600 mm. Three length variants are available: 1000, 1500 and 2000 mm.

In contrast to the previous model, the CLEANfleX has a specially shaped lid, which allows convenient loading and is equipped with a pneumatic clamping device. The measurement of the filling volume in the detergent container, sealed off to the washing chamber, is carried out by a hydrostatic measurement. Several filling levels are recorded and displayed on the control cabinet. Large-sized, externally removable screen baskets protect pumps, piping and spray systems from contamination. These screen baskets are easily accessible placed on the back of the system.

The system is completely made of stainless steel.

The CLEANfleX is available in the following variants:

CLEANfleX-ex : for solvents with flash point < 55°C

CLEANfleX: for solvents with flash point > 55°C

CLEANFleX-aqua: mild - and highly alkaline cleaner
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