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Becker71 22.12.2007 15:17:14

Jetzt bis zu 3cent pro 3klick 3Millionen Lose Clix4Coins
Ich zahle für 10 Refs je 3 Milionen Lose


Earn 3 dollars just for creating an account!!

Earning money on Clix4coins.com is very simple. A minimum of 4, and a maximum of 10 advertisements are available for you to view each day. For each advertisement you view you earn $.01, $.02, or $.03. To qualify as having viewed the advertisement, you must have the page open for 20, 40, or 60 seconds. In addition to earning money for viewing the advertisements yourself, you will also earn $.01 for each advertisement one of your referrals views.

For Example:
You refer 50 people, and each person views an average of 5 advertisements a day. This will earn you over 75 dollars each month.

To get credit for referring someone to Clix4coins.com, all you have to do is provide them with the referral link that is given in your account. The minimum cashout is 20 dollars. Request for payment can be made at any time and all payments are processed by Paypal.

Hier der Link:


MisterS 22.12.2007 16:05:11

Gutes Angebot, aber falsches Forum...

Becker71 22.12.2007 16:30:59

und in welchen forum soll der thread deiner meiner nach rein?

MisterS 22.12.2007 16:34:44

Suche Refs...andere.

Becker71 22.12.2007 16:52:50

Da sind wir hier:mrgreen:

MisterS 22.12.2007 17:49:53


Zitat von Becker71 (Beitrag 2478742)
Da sind wir hier:mrgreen:

Oh mann...ich häng zu viel und zu lang hier rum...:ugly:

Legend 22.12.2007 21:46:53

hab mich angemeldet (Username : ahaljan)


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