Eintrag #32, 22.01.2005, 19:44 Uhr

ich bin eine wunde seele.

"I hereby banish you from my emotions. You wish to see me fail, yet I care what you think about me. You like to hurt me, and I give you the reaction you seek. You distrust me, yet I give you my trust. Seeing me down, makes you feel up. You bond with others over how horrible I am. That makes you feel popular and accepted - part of a group. That makes me feel outcast and alone. You surely would reveal my confidences, but I would keep yours secret. I compliment you and purposefully say things that I think will make you feel good. You asssume that means you own me and we are friends.
I hereby banish you, I wish you no harm.
I play the music so loudly, that I cannot hear you whine and cry.
Being mature means understanding, that no one can walk over you. And I say, farewell, I deserve it better."
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