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Holy Night---The Secret of the Christmas Bell


Why there is peace in the family and in every community when at 8 pm 24 December the bell and it is dark and all in the family or in the sound can hear the sound and the bell is ringing and at once there is peace in the family. And in every heart. And in every breathe. Why? We do explain it to You. Why is a bell in a kind of magic doing things and how can the bell or the sound of the bell move the thoughts? Why does every church need a bell and why can a bell bring peace and why the bells fly to Rome when Jesus died. Every year. As tradtion. Its a kind of catholic custom. And during those days all people miss the bell or the bells or the sound of the bell. Not only the workers on a farm. A custom nowadays. The bell on Christmas eve. OK, here we go. I make you an example from your daily life, cause you never use the bell in your family. And maybe You try it this year or next year or dont forget, life is to short to bore Yourself with ugly people. Bet? Bet You never use a bell to call oon Christmas eve Your family because You prefer to watch good family in the TV machine? Dont bet, you will lose. OK, there are 20 people in a room or more or less, 20 students build a model for engineering or 20 politicians have a partymeeting or 20 guests celebrate a birthdayparty. So they all sit together and talk like kids in a schoolyard during the break. Chatting about the weather. I hope You could see really humans in Your life. And now the boss is ringing the bell. Silence in the room. And now there is peace. Same Christmas when the bell is ringing. Every heart and every liver is in peace, now. Every sigh disappeared like fog in the wind.
Control it. Open a video channel for free in the internet and watch crawling the hair, crawling the fingers through the hair, hitting the table with the hand, spying in other humans face because screaming too loud. Swing nervously, make hands to fists, unconscious, all this disappeared by hearing the bell. Also the faces and the eyes are relaxed now. Control it and use it. Happy New Year. And dont forget. Fooling Your parents is more boring than to understand them.



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