Eintrag #3, 06.01.2005, 21:32 Uhr


why do you stare at me tonight?
what have I done?
what have I said?
your silence is the worst weapon. it cuts limbs of my soul.
I bleed to death in the void of these moments.
standing like this, imploding in a black sufferance.
I live in a green house over the hill. and I move like a seahorse, silently, quietly. in the space between us filled with thick ether.
I could almost touch your silence, but I don´t dare to.
can you hear the music box? can you hear it? it brings back dusty memories, a house with white old furniture. flowers everywhere, but dead.
do you remember? do you want to talk to me?
I shall wait for you in the green house.
when you talk to me again, the glasses will fall to the floor in hundreds of pieces.
I hope I fall asleep with the murmur of the stars ...

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