What is ExportForce?

ExportForce (EF) provides an API for klamm.de. ExportForce was originally created to support the development of external klamm-Lose projects. The advantages: Lose-Transactions can be executed automatically and various statistics like accounts balances etc. can be easily recalled at any time.

Every ExportForce account gets an own Lose-Account, separated from the klamm-Account. So you can outsource your Lose-Business from klamm to ExportForce. In contrast to klamm-Accounts you may register and administrate an unlimited number of EF-Accounts.


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What does ExportForce cost?

First, you can register for free and get full insight into ExportForce and the provided APIs. For active use of the API we charge € 0,0001 per request*. The credits will be charged off the EF-Account.